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27 September 2010 @ 12:09 am



17 April 2010 @ 01:51 am
DO post your listings during "Prime Time."

If your target audience is Americans and Canadians, post your listing so that they will end when these people are most likely to be home, awake, and online. 8 PM EST and the few hours before and after are the ideal time. So, since listings end exactly 7 days after you post them, post your listing at the same time you want it to end the following week.

DO write thank you notes to your buyers.

Inserting hand-written "thank you notes" provides a personal touch and communicates appreciation. Buyers will be more likely to leave you feedback.

DON'T pay for extra images.

Extra images can be inserted with a little html. Resize your photos and save them to an image host like photobucket or tinypic. Copy and paste the codes into the "html" section of the eBay description to display the images.

DON'T pay for anything beyond insertion fees.

The subtitles, listing designer, gallery plus, bold descriptions, and eBay UK listing aren't necessary. Shipping fees from the USA or Canada to the UK are generally higher than the rest of Europe. Folks from the UK aren't likely to buy from you. All the extra features that can be seen with all the other listings in the search results generally don't make buyers more likely to click on your items. People generally notice photos first. If you have a good photo that matches what they are looking for, they will investigate on your listing.

DO take photos in natural light.

Photograph your items without flash during the early afternoon on a sunny day. Unless you have a professional photo studio available, his bright natural light showcases your images in the most true to what they look like in-person.

DON'T photograph your items on the floor.

Seeing the item on the floor is not appealing. If gives the impression of a dirty item and irresponsible seller.

DO write your descriptions in a professional manner.

Avoid caps lock, lack of appropriate capitalization, poor grammar and spelling, and chat speak. Let your writing reflect how responsible and professional you are.
26 March 2010 @ 03:56 pm
What are your favorite things to buy and sell on Ebay?

My favorite thing is clothes! I am a shopaholic so I like to sell the clothes I don't wear anymore on Ebay, and usually I will use that money to buy more clothes, lol.