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ebayforaliving's Journal

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Tips & help for eBay users! Increase your eBay profits!
About This Community
Welcome to ebayforaliving! Interested in using eBay as a way to profit? A side job? Unemployed and looking for some sort of income? This community is dedicated to answering questions & obtaining tips and tricks for selling on eBay.
Community Rules
No advertising of any kind. Do no link to your eBay listings, sales journals, or any other sales in any posts.
If asked by another community member to see your listing, you may link directly to your listing with a text link in the comments. (Example: If you are asking about a problem/error in your listing, and another member would like to take a look, you may link them to the problem listing.)
No spamming of the community in any form.
You may include one image above the LJ-Cut. This image must be 500px by 500px or small. Mulitple images/large images must go under LJ-Cut. Don't know how to use LJ-Cut?
Do not make posts asking if anyone wants you to buy or sell items on eBay for them. If someone is seeking a service, they will make the posts themselves.
Please include a title with every post that summarizes what information you are looking for or sharing. (Example: "Seeking help with blurry photos")
Please tag your posts with "tips" if you are posting helpful information or "help" if you are asking a question/seeking help.
Types Of Posts Encouraged
The sharing of tips, tricks, and helpful tutorials
Seeking help with eBay listings and other eBay-related problems
Seeking someone with an eBay account to buy something for you if you do not have an eBay account (please offer a small monetary reward for this service)
Seeking someone to use their eBay account and expertise to sell your items (please offer a monetary compensation for this service)
Have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the community? PM one of the mods:
Creator: sewmuchvintage
Co-Mod: samtasticality
Layout Credit: kuribati

We are searching for affiliates! Prefence goes to communities related to
selling, eBay, and saving money. PM samtasticality to apply!